Under the supervision of Dr. Peter Staritz, the Taylor University Engineering Department is developing designs and prototypes for a concrete printing system that can independently construct buildings on Mars from two resources abundant there, sulfur and sand. Using Blender and True-Terrain, I have been assisting with artist's renditions of the device and its ecosystem, including Martian landscapes, a reactor, a cable spool system, cable tender bots, and a resupply mule. Read more about Mud Dauber here.
Although much of this is from scratch, special thanks to the amazing 3D artists whose assets I kitbashed into the scene, as well, often somewhat modified. Check out their amazing work: the generous and multi-talented Sean Kennedy, the completely stupendous Joachim Bornemann, Eric Leo, Dedunu Renderings Studio, Blaz Mraz, Ovigon, and BEAM.
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